Need a copy of your ADAP form for your license?

  • Students applying for Driver’s License will also need an Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program  (ADAP) Certificate  

  • Students are given their ADAP certificate upon successfully completing the ADAP test in Health at RHHS

  • There is a $5 fee if you need to request a replacement ADAP Certificate. To request a replacement ADAP certificate, click HERE to complete form and make payment. The certificate will be emailed to the parent and student email listed in PowerSchool. Assistance is available in the Counselor's Office, Room 516, for anyone needing help with printing the certificate.


  • Students who successfully passed their ADAP test (Health class) in another high School within the state of Georgia will need to reach out to their former school, as RHHS does not have access to their certificate.

  • If you have successfully passed health in a high school outside of the state of Georgia or would like to take the free online course to obtain your ADAP form please: Click on this link for your eADAP