Wildcat Pride: Teacher Edition

Richmond Hill High School loves to recognize the hard work of its teachers. Each week, a teacher is selected by their peers to win the weekly Wildcat Award! Each week's winner gets to proudly display "The Wildcat" in their classrooms. 

This week's winner is Mrs. White! The teacher who nominated her had this to say: "What a joy it is to present this week’s Wildcat Pride award to Mrs. Cindy White! Mrs. Cindy can be found in the counseling suite wearing a sweet smile or a tenacious look of determination as she bustles about taking care of business. Her moral probity, her genuine care and concern for others, her whole-hearted diligence to her work, and her faithfulness are a few of her characteristics that I most admire. While always prioritizing what best for students and acting as a source of encouragement for many, Mrs. Cindy is truly a blessing to our team!”

Thank you, Mrs. White, for all you do for RHHS! 

Go Wildcats!